Murasaki Sake Lounge // 紫酒ラウンジ

Murasaki Sake Lounge

We are Chicago's original Japanese sake and karaoke lounge, offering the widest selection of Japanese sake, shochu, whiskey, and spirits in the entire Midwest. There are always at least two Japanese staff members available at Murasaki and they are happy to offer you a glimpse into the sake culture of Japan. 

Our private karaoke room is perfect for parties and groups to wind down after a long work day. We also offer a wide variety of "otsumami" or traditional Japanese small plates. Murasaki is open 7 days a week and welcomes everyone to experience a bit of Nihon (Japan) through our drinks and food.

Private Karaoke Room Details


Pricing & Regulations

  • must be 21+
  • karaoke room charge is $35/hr (sun - thur) & $45/hr (fri. sat.) **note: the room charge is strictly room fee. drinks are not included**
  • the karaoke charge does not include tip or tax, which will be added after final charges are calculated 
  • minimum of 1 drink per person, per hour must be ordered
  • for every 15 minutes over the time limit, an additional $30 charge will be added to the final bill
  • for groups of 6 or more, a 20% gratuity will be automatically charged
  • for any damages done to equipment and/or furniture, please note that you/your group will be responsible for the repair charges
  • checks may only be split up to 3 ways
  • a penalty fee of $200 will be charged for any outside beverage and/or food brought in for consumption
  • you can use main lounge area for the Karaoke as a private event.  $1500 minimum spending (before tax and gratuity) for 3 hours on weekdays and $3000 minimum for weekends (Fri. Sat.).  every one extra hour, the minimum spending will increase $500 ($1000 on Fri. Sat.)
  • credit card information is needed for the reservation   
  • cancellation fee (one hour karaoke charge) will be added to your credit card if you cancel the same day or without any notice


  • song list includes English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese songs (Joysound respectively)
  • song titles includes over 10,000 English and 130,000 Japanese song titles